The “tanks” are behind the Runners now, but they are not forgotten.

The Runners now have some information and a few runs under their belt. In the few short days they’ve been out of the tank, they’ve already encountered 3 of the major factions in Kiev: the Russian Mafia, the corrupt Government, and a fanatical cult. But why Kiev? Most of the team spoke English and had distinct American accents, but German and Russian were also part of their knowledge.

Whispers from their past also keep creeping into their lives. Child-like matrix echoes, robed, UV flashlight carrying figures, a mafioso’s daughter’s cryptic comments, flashbacks and supernatural hauntings all assault the Runners as their minds clear.

Plans change as one of the PC’s past catches up too fast and he needs to save a forgotten loved one from an underground cult. But this will test the Runner’s resolve – a REAL shadowrun against a forewarned corporation. Do the Runners have what it takes?

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Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa

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