Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa


“Ugh…why is there a phone in the bathroom?” an elf moaned from behind a closed door.

“Looks like our friend will be out of action for another day, at least he can walk now” mumbled the mage, Lance from his bed.

The Runners looked much worse for the wear after their daring escape, yet Seamus was still jumpy and twitchy at every sound. It is a wonder he didn’t crap his pants at the sound of someone at the hotel door.

“Complimentary room service” a voice chimed in a thick Russian accent. Yeah right – probably somebody trying to kill us thought Seamus. The Runners carefully peered through the peephole to see a well dressed bellhop with a tray of breakfast fruits, cheese and breads. They didn’t see any weapons, yet only opened the door a bit.

“My name is Iosif”. Iosef scanned the room to see bloody clothing, bits of armor, tech and 2 very weary looking characters and jumped into his “tourist” routine offering some of the other services he was able to provide – drugs, women, access and advice.

“We could use some new clothes, something nice…oh and we need to get into a nightclub called Faberge.”

“No problem, my friend. I’ll send Sergei right over and make sure your name is on the List at Faberge” Iosif happily replied. *Ahem**cough*

The Runners paid Iosif and off he went. “Phooooone…bathroom?” Elves can sure be crabby when they nearly get a leg bitten off. “Get some rest” Kai-Leng replied. Seamus happily worked on cracking the code found on the phone and the other tech he took from the facility.

An hour later Sergei showed up and took measurements and in a few hours the Runners were out on the town in their new formal attire. Tridcasts were showing the recent bombings of two government buildings and much to his chagrin, a younger looking Borin was one of the “people of interest”. The runners kept a low profile until their meeting in Faberge was to take place. They had to be off the streets before curfew anyway.

The crowd had already started to gather outside the noisy club , but Iosif came through and the Runners were admitted ahead of the line. The club was about half full and booming music filled the air. The Runners quickly assessed the club, entrances, doors, catwalks, backrooms etc. They took a table on the edge of the dance floor and waited for their meeting time. After some fancy deception, the Runners got onto the 2nd floor and discovered a duffel bag with more phones and some MAD proof guns. Seamus hacked a computer but wasn’t able to get any pay data without tripping alarms. All the while a projecting mage watched them.

The Runners decided to exit through the cargo elevator onto the crowded street outside. They noticed something unusual as a limo pulled up and the driver walked away. The mage’s spirit said someone was in the trunk so the Runners freed a tied up Iosif. “Bomb!!!” Yelled Iosif and Lance and Borin took off with Iosif in tow. Seamus, after thinking that SOMETHING had to blow up today, went back to try to save the patrons in the street. After some careful demolitions work, he defused the bomb and informed the club bouncer. The bouncer gave Seamus a number and a meeting place, the club owner wanted to thank the Runners. The runners and a very grateful Iosif parted ways for the evening.

The next day, the Runners met with Larissa, a college student at the Cafe on the Quad. Larissa immediately recognized Borin (or Boris as she called him) but was very vague in details, Borin was also wary to divulge what he knew or didn’t know. Larissa paid the Runners handsomely for their assistance at the night club and asked them for another favor. The Runners had to kidnap the daughter of a local government official and keep her safe for a few days until “business” could be concluded.

The Runners carefully studied the situation and decided to grab the girl during the school day. They implanted a suggestion in her head and picked her up disguised as her personal security. Larissa put the Runners up in one of the nicest hotels in the area and told the runners to watch the girl.

After 3 days the Runners returned the girl unharmed. They resisted a handsome reward from her parents for her return and stayed true to their employer. The Runners collected their pay and set off to find out more about their past.

The next day, Larissa sends them a message. “I have a few jobs lined up for you when you’re ready. Iosif will be in contact. Thanks again for your subtlety, it is appreciated in this matter. Boris, someone wants to talk to you and this time you had better show the appropriate respect, he won’t be as patient this time around.”



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