Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa

Father, forgive us


I wanted to give an update as to my progress. I’ve made contact with the group that we suspected were looking into the ashes, and I can safely confirm their involvement. Their motives are unknown at this time, though I can see they are groping for purpose. One of them, a mage of an unknown (but potentially troubling) tradition, seems to “need” the ashes. I’ll watch him closely.

More importantly, the Exarchs should know I was involved in the assault on Abbott Labratories. We encountered another group who also made an attempt to acquire the ashes… they were subdued and have been detained, for what I can only imagine will be very unfriendly questioning. However; during the battle many dual natured beings were released and escaped through vents using a mist form. You know what this means…

I fear our involvement has had… unintended consequences. I would advise increased astral overwatch in Kiev. Also; I’ve not asked what your intentions are for the ashes, out of respect. That being said; I believe their destruction should be our number one priority, any other designs for the ashes simply cannot be trusted.



Nice log, +2 Karma. I know I ran through it, but the building (and most witnesses) was destroyed. The news reports have already started reporting attacks that mimic vampire strikes, but are random and rare. You were not able to collect the “ashes” or any DNA samples. The party already assumed that one of the escaped vampires has the DNA you need.

Father, forgive us

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