Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa

In the not too distant past...

Seamus gets nicked..


Normally I’m not a big fan, today I’m setting them off on purpose. Go figure.

I slide my deck back into my pocket and pop into the matrix to make sure everything is going as planned. The security forces were moving to the west side of the museum as planned. I look down at myself as I move toward the eastern hallway. The security uniform I threw together looks pretty convincing. Right down to the gun.

I shudder a little as I look at it. God I hate these things.

I make my way into the “Art of the 20th Century” exibit. As planned the room is empty. I make my way over to the display case. I’ve already shut down most of the security in this section I just need to remove the pressure plate trigger.

A little elbow grease and I’m home free. I take out the holo display I rigged up and place it in the case. After switching it on a perfect replica appears. As long as no one tries to touch it I should be golden. I box up my prize and make my way to the mail room. I love making these places mail me their own art, makes it all the more fun.

A quick change in the bathroom and I’m leaving the museum dressed as an tourist. I love it when everything falls into place. I make my way down a couple of blocks where a limo is waiting. As I approach the window rolls down.

“It’s all set, the package should arrive at the drop site in a couple of days” I say feeling pretty proud of how smooth it all went.

“Excellent. When the package arrives you will receive the other half of your money” my contact replies with a heavy Russian accent.

She reaches out to shake my hand. I clasp it enthusiastically. There’s a tiny pinprick on my palm. Everything starts to go fuzzy and I fall to my knees. As the world grows dark around me I hear my contact say,

“Welcome to Mother Russia Mr. Dixon.”


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In the not too distant past...

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