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Planning for Abbott

After getting back to the hotel Seamus sits off in the corner and begins to run search algorithms to find out if any DNA sequencing equipment has been shipped to either facility in the last 4 months, Or if any is due to ship in the near future.


Is this where we are going to discuss our ides/strategies for running against Abbot ?
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Planning for Abbott

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DNA sequencing: Abbott1 (the existing abbott, Abbott2 will be the one under construction) is well stocked with the latest equipment, according to their Corp Bio, they have in-house R&D guys who keep them cutting edge. Most of the tech is developed in Seattle and shipped worldwide. No data has come up yet as to when Abbott2 will be fully operational – again Corp Promos have it listed as Late 4rd quarter (March). It is early November now. Shipping manifests regarding equipment are probably guarded well. Your Mafia contacts only had access to office furniture and flooring contracts. They didn’t install though, they only supplied.

Planning for Abbott

“I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy”, Seamus thought to himself.

“If they’re doing anything specific with that DNA they must have had some sort of a change since they started working on it.”

Seamus begins to hack into the local power company and check power usage for the two buildings. Looking for any unusual anomalies since the DNA was acquired.

Planning for Abbott

And…another handset down the drain…Hacking the government controlled power grid yielded some results but not before melting Seamus’ newest handset. Iosif, was more than obliging at getting him another, but the inconvenience will hardly help the investigation. Seamus did discover that Abbott1 and probably Abbott2, like their foreign cousins, run on an internal LTR: Liquid Thorium Reactor. Corps are aware of their vulnerabilities when dependent on outside power sources. They do have a backup generator system as well as ties to the local powergrid for redundancy. A “power blip” a few weeks ago at Abbott1 caused both systems to activate for 2 minutes before the LTR was rebooted back online. Seamus was scanning those recent logs when his program was dissolved and a feedback loop burned out his phone…possibly with some tracer element on it.

Planning for Abbott

“Rookie move Seamus… You must be getting rusty after swimming in a tank like a fish for who knows how long” Seamus grumbled to himself while working to configure his new phone.

After getting things set up and working the way he likes Seamus sits down and starts to spoof his phone off of several nodes around the world. As a backup he writes up a quick program to warn him if anything starts tracking back to his phone and it will auto kill the connection before reaching back to his original node.

Letting out a big sigh as his phone is now crawling because he’s bouncing through who knows how many nodes before getting to where he wants to be. He starts to run searches for any movement in the genetics community related to vampires. Anyone hired by Abbot, or moving to the Kiev area within the last four months that specializes in that area.

Planning for Abbott

You find that some of the bounce nodes are easier to get into, almost like they knew you were coming.

melodic child’s voice Oh…the “Dixon bounce”, it’s been a while my friend. I cannot feel your presence, why are you hiding behind the looking glass? Are you in trouble?

DM note: Using your phone (AR augmented reality) is like watching the matrix on TV, Virtual Reality is a more personal experience…HOT SIM VR is like being fully immersed, really there in the matrix. VR is safe, basically, HOT SIM is more powerful/faster, but opens you up to physiological attacks.

Planning for Abbott

I got some ideas. For now Lance is mediating on a possible magical way and having weird tainted dreams and visions. (see the abyss parts1 and 2). This spoiled food, faucets splurting blood, disappearing claw marks is giving him the creeps, guardian spirits going poof, seriously.

As a player, I think we should look for a way to get inside information. Compromise/extort a security guard? Maybe one of them is frequent customer of some mafia business ? Maybe use construction workers to find out who those security people in charge are we need to ‘interview’?

Also maybe look for people who moved into the ‘corporate neighborhood’ when the new ‘asehs project’ started. I bet they might have imported a few specialists for it. That is something requiring specialized research personnel. Look for new magical active/trained people.

just some ideas.

Planning for Abbott

The defenses are formidable, and it looks like infiltration will be very difficult, indeed. One plan that we can fall back to if our attempts to make it in covertly don’t work is by kicking down the door, getting the ashes, and getting out quickly, relying on the element of surprise. No doubt the reaction time will be very short, but if we can figure out where we are going and what we might be facing, we can come prepared. If we can’t do the cat burglar approach, maybe we can do it bank heist style.

When it comes to technical planning, there’s not much I can do. My skillset lends itself to on-the-ground decision-making. I know a little of security protocols insofar as I know what to expect and how to avoid them, and will be happy to provide that if it helps. If we can gather enough information about the types and robustness of the security systems, and any information about the layout and operations inside the lab, we can try to formulate a plan.

What we know so far is that they’re watching astrally for Awakened people. I have some power, but I am not very magically active and what power I do have is bogged down by these damned implants. Lance might be a problem, unless he can mask his aura somehow. We know that their network security is pretty top-notch. From what little I can tell from Seamus’ cursing, anyway. There are probably camera systems as well as a security force of some sort. No matter how we handle this, we’re going to need to figure out the internal monitoring system is and the size and type of the armed forces. If we were to pose as construction workers, for example, how long would it take them to realize if we’d deviated from our work area into sensitive areas and how quickly would they respond? I could probably get at least some of us past the visual sensors, but would that be enough? And would magical activity alert the astral sentries? We also know that there was a two-minute window between when the LTR went down and the back-up generator kicked in. This might have been fixed since it happened, but maybe not. Generators can’t start up instantly because physics is annoying like that. But that could give us our opening. If we can get ourselves in a position where we can breach the defenses, find and obtain the ashes, and escape in two minutes, we might have a shot. We may need to overload all of their systems at once to keep the damage control teams busy and buy us every second we can get.

An idea occurs to me. Getting four or five people into a guarded area is incredibly difficult. What if we didn’t all go in? Say we take that accursed elf and make him earn his keep. He approaches Abbot as a scientist or inspector or something. Hopefully he can gain entrance. I could accompany him either as a bodyguard or, if I can manage it, invisibly. We have Lance supporting us astrally, perhaps diverting the astral sentries and other magical guards. Seamus can support us with the electronics. Hopefully a power disruption would shut down their internal network, but if not, perhaps we could stage a massive viral attack against their servers with the sole intent of bogging them down. He could also hopefully communicate with us and help us out as we proceed. I can dispose of anyone with us during the initial attack, and hopefully I can retain my cover as we get the ashes and get out. We need much more in the way of details of what we’re facing, though, and we need to know which lab it will be in.

My thoughts so far.

Planning for Abbott

I agree that this is not going to be a cakewalk. I actually have a plan kind of outlined in my head that might work, but lets brainstorm a little first. This is assuming we want to go in and extract the ashes ourselves (and not like mind control a scientist to do it for us). This is a little complex so I suggest for planning purposes it is easiest to try to break up the run into stages and solve them one by one.
1) locate the ashes (where are they located in the facility, intel gathering here),
2) entry, (who of us, under what disguise)
3) access the ashes, (might be in a locked, alarmed, controlled safe ?)
4) exit strategy (cause evacuation/distration ?? fire alarm, call in bomb threat and blow up some C4)

For 1) the easiest is getting info from actual humans, matrix seems to be too tight from the outside. interrogate/question/seduce a new scientist or security guard…. maybe try access matrix from inside ?
2) If we go stealth, we need at least somebody to take out physical guards and computer/security person. If we try to dupe/smooth talk our way in as guards/cleaner/inspectors we also need the elf. Regarding lance going in astrally, makes sense, but remember some part of the facility is astrally shielded by. If the ashes are in there we might have to reconsider.
A spirit of man can provide VERY good concealing.
3) …. we need more intel for this
4) escape during an evacuation ? or try stealth route ? We might set off an alarm when taking the ashes no matter how ???

Quick refresher of how magic/astral space works. Spells only work on the side where they are cast (either physical side or astral side). Meaning any stealth/invisibility/camouflage spells cast on the physical world don’t conceal from astral vision/perception or from spirits/projecting mages. There is two ways to hide from spirits/astral perception. Stealth skill like infiltration do work, the astral space is not empty, it is full of auras and spirits. Also things like glass can’t be seen through on the astral. Spirit/critter powers work on both the astral and physical realms at the same time.

Note regarding astral security. It is normally set to guard the astral side against astral threats only. Astral security is pretty useless to watch physical infiltration as people/things can’t be kept apart unless it is areas where the presence of anybody can be considered a cause to raise an alarm. Patrolling spirits and astrally projecting mages are the only cause for concerns. The first is very limited by their services and the latter by time (can’t stay long outside ones body). About watchers, they are not actually spirits but rather manifestations of a mages will (infinite services and time), but are dumber than a lobotomized hamster. They also only roll one or two dice for everything. watchers go poof all the time just by taking tasks very literally and annoying/walking into spirits.

Planning for Abbott

I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. In the spirit of Awakened rodents, I present you with:

Lobotomized Hamster

Tiny Awakened Critter
Once someone’s pet, this adorable little hamster has grown mangy and unkempt out on the streets. Its last owners attempted to quell its terrifying powers with lobotomy, but this only served to make its powers stronger and constantly manifested. Almost five inches in length, this creature has learned to escape cages and other tight places.

B A R S C I L W Edg Ess M Init IP
1 5 5 1 6 4 1 1 2 6 4 10 1
Movement: 2/10
Skills: Running 3, Dodge 3, Infiltration 4, Perception 3
Powers: Concealment, Confusion, Dual Natured, Fear, Mist Form
    Natural Weapon (Bite: DV 1P, AP 0, -1 Reach). Psychokinesis
Planning for Abbott

Some things to consider:
-are you going this alone or will you call in (or hire) extra help?
—What is the plan for locating the “ashes”
—What is the entrance strategy
—What is the exit strategy
—What is plan “B”
see for some more details

Planning for Abbott

sorry, I guess I accidentally formatted the questions above, disregard the cross outs.

Planning for Abbott

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