Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa

Remember the Resonance


OMG, that means ‘Oh my goodness’.
Yes goodness, not God.
I don’t invoke the name of Christian ‘God’, it makes me sick, the genocide his followers have done on my old Germanic people. They even twisted father’s image, made it their epitome of evil, an abomination. ( (this is Lance’s deity of worship, the hermetics of neo-paganism and explains his dislike of christians).
I hate these righteous Christians. This new guy, how can they trust him, he is a follower of the path of destroying life, unnatural. The catholic church, the inquisition, worst of them all….

It is late. I can’t fall asleep, I watch the Trid-broadcasts until there is only static left on the holo projector.
The buzz of the empty channel, it turns me sleepy….
Makes me think and reflect of what happened today.
OMG, Oh my goodness . What have I gotten myself into (again).
Vampires, dark black magic of blood drinkers.
The buzz of the static becomes stronger, overwhelming.
I see a small humanoid figure with butterfly wings in the static b/w snowstorm on the screen. It is screaming, pounding on an invisible wall between us.
“Remember Lance, this is nothing. Orion needs your help and only you can save her. You have faced dark magic before, far worse. Remember, regain your powers. Trust the Resonance. Ask Seamous, he might understand. Seek the sprites. You need to remember!”
Remember …. Vampires… Blood … Dark magic…. Blood…..Magic…. Blood-Magic…
I can’t keep my eyes of the static, the fluttering b/w butterfly wings. I lose focus, my vision shifts, my mind drifts…

>>> Year: Some time in the past, the 2060s
>>>Place: Yucatan Peninsula, Aztlan
>>> Mission Objectives: Deep Reconnaissance, Stay Alive

Stay tuned for next: Tears of Blood****



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