Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa

The abyss ... (part1)

When you gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss also gazes into you.
—Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher

What have I gotten myself and my new companions into ?!?

I can’t get his words out of my head:
“Fledgling, what are you doing with these ‘Pets’ here ….”
“…you did turn him too quickly, he is losing his memory…”
“Bring me the ashes of Brother Solomon, before the next cycle or your love will never awaken as a living in this world again”

My love, the emptiness in my soul, where is she, who is she ?? If only I could remember!
(FLASHBACK: I see a woman’s face, in a screen of digital snow/static. Who is she? What are those small things flying and swirling around her? Those things remind me of the Peter Pan movie, little humans with butterfly wings.)
I shake my head, should not have had those drinks at the roller derby last night. I am getting a headache and seeing faeries. (Meantal note: Do not tell my chummer about the faeries. Esp. after I made them look weird at me and chuckle for wanting ‘cheap fetishes’)

Though, the word fledgling sounds familiar, but I can’t place it quite right. Warlocks, Vampires, groups like magical covens and their new initiates, who knows what else he might think I am.
According to my new chummer Seamus’ matrix research, this brother guy is most likely Brother Solomon Heimlich. Seamus says something about a vampire cult, a fire and the Abbot corp is doing some research on his very DNA, right here in Kiev.
That can’t be a coincidence. But how are we going to find the location of his ashes/DNA in this corp facility? They got magical security and Seamus says their matrix is tight too. Again, the picture of the faerie/brownie/sprite/whatever flashes into my mind when I think about the matrix, why ?!? Maybe I should ask Seamus one day if this keeps on happening, he seems knowledgeable about this computer stuff.

If only I could remember how to perform a location ritual and had a magical group to help me in the mana sending, calling and locating. All sounds so easy in theory, but that is what it is for me now. I have zero experience with rituals.
Heck, with a good enough ritual (in theory), one could just ask Bro Salmon himself, he would have a link from ‘wherever he is now’ to his own ashes, and that would get around any barrier.

All this is going through my head as I lay down in my bed, but I am unable to find the solace of sleep with all these thoughts swirling in my bed. I turn around for hours, not being able to calm down. I think: “Maybe I should hit up my new chummer Boris for some ‘sleep aid’ drugs, he seems to have quite a stash. He is a weird guy, looks competent and familiar with the shadows, even though he has some strange views about metas and spirits. He would understand. I bet he would have something to help me calm down.”

My Zeiss Ikon MK4 show me the time as 2:15 am.
“Well, I hope Boris doesn’t mind me waking him up in the middle of the night.”
I swing my legs out of the bed and get up.
That is, I try to, but I can’t.
I can’t move……
I can’t control my body, and there is now this heavy pressure like a gigantic lead weight on my chest, making it almost impossible to breathe.
My eyeballs zip left and right, looking for help, but I am alone. I want to scream for help, but I can’t speak. Trapped in my own body, helpless, lying on my back in my bed, helpless.
Forced to await whatever is coming for me, I can only lie there, staring at the ceiling. Something is happening, a little dark dot starts to form. It grows. Some kind of liquid, it forms a puddle on the ceiling above me, dripping.
The dot moves, drawing a dark red circle on the ceiling above, around my bed.
“This can’t be good, I got a reaaally baaaad feeling about this”; I want to scream, yell out for help, but I can’t even open my lips.
The circle completed, dripping the dark liquid around me. The dot keeps moving, now drawing lines through the circle, geometrically perfect lines of intersections, forming a five pointed star, a pentagram. Drawing the hermetic symbols on each point,…
I realize: “Something is wrong with the circle, the elemental order is wrong, earth goes on the other side, this is where ‘Life’ belongs,….. This might be even worse than baaaad.”

WTF, that is not the symbol for ‘Life’, that is unlike any symbol I’ve ever seen .”
The ceiling starts to turn around, starts spinning, faster and faster. (or is it me that is spinning???)
I start to get sick and pass out.

When I open my eyes again, I am outside, standing.
Somewhere in a forest clearing in front of a building that is mostly collapsed .
It is COLD.
“No better place than here, no better time than now”, a male voice in a calm tone states from behind me. “This place has been a center of worship for our oppressors for centuries, their false believes has worn the veil thin here. Tonight is Samhain, the corridors between the worlds are never easier to breach than tonight."
A female voice from behind me adds: "The God and Goddess are supportive of your cause, Richard. How else can you explain the druid elf showing up unasked and providing us with this perfect location just last week”.
“Yeah”, I think, ”if you trust the Irish. Those celtic TirNog elves are crazy, they drink the blood of their forefathers. Even if they follow the same path, they hate non-elves. And why couldn’t he find a location closer to our coven. Romania, for Goddess sake, in the middle of nowhere in the Carpathian mountains”

But I hold my tongue, " ‘questioning the lord warlock and high witch’ ranks pretty high among the list of stupid things you only try once".

Next, THE RITUAL… Stay tuned Chummers.


A+ awesome, I have no idea what you’re talking about but I love the direction and imagery. +4 karma, keep up with the Abbott conversation too, I’ll post leads there as they become more apparent.

The abyss ... (part1)

Well, the concept behind this chapter is that Lance has lost the knowledge of performing ritual magic. Ritual magic would be the approach of choice when one has multiple days and needs to find something. It also can bypass barriers and most magical defenses. Just takes time and it also help if one has some kind of link to what one seeks and/or a specific ritual formula. So now Lance is having a flashback/dream of him doing ritual magic. With the blood pentagram I gave it a sinister twist to keep it in tune with the strange recent happenings, maybe it not a memory dream after all but a vision ? who knows ? :)
That faerie, pixie, sprite thingie are actual flashbacks of his love and her sprites. Sprites are the spirits that technomancer summon, they are limited to technology/matrix. Sprites are borne of what the technos call ‘resonance’, so they are not like the astral summons of a magician’s (They could also get around magic security, and most matrix security).

The abyss ... (part1)

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