Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa

The abyss (part 2)

This building is old. So old it radiates oldness, I inhale it with every breath I take, I feel it creeping up my spine. This church must have been built long before humankind invented plasteel and holographic 3D televangelists. No remote controlled sin absolution for a few Nuyen for you chummers back then.
Our small groups makes its entry through the large gap in the front wall that once were the wooden gates, now only a gaping hole, even the iron hinges have corrode to dust. As we enter I can see that all the wooden support beams have long rotten away; making the ceiling collapse a long time ago. The elements took their toll on the remaining walls year after year, for decades, even centuries. Only a few splinters of colored glass still remain in the rims of the large hollow windowframes, like reluctant witnesses of a glorious past long gone.
A strong gale forms as the wind spirits summoned by the lord warlock clear the space between the remnants of the four outer walls of dirt, rocks, rotten wood, moss and saplings staring to grab hold in the floor cracks and other debris. The eight acolytes we brought along help clear the larger rubble. It somehow feels wrong to disturb the peace of this place, but I know this is necessary for the ritual. The place has to be as clean as possible before the ritual preparations.
Most of the day passes clearing out the area and preparing it. The sun starts to travel west and without speaking it out, we all know that now is the time to start laying out the circle, the timing is essential. I saw the acolytes unpack the ritual material we brought along. The materials range from simple thing like chalk in various colors and bits of string to enchanted candles imbued with magic and made to hold remnants of the sacrifices we made to the spirits and powers to be invoked.
The lord warlock and high witch draw two concentric circles on the ground, 3 meters wide, a hands-width apart. Between the bands of the circles they inscribe various runes and symbols of protection and travel.
Now it was my turn. Outside the circle I draw four red triangles, slightly touching the outer circle. The triangles are pointing outwards like arrows pointing to the airts, the primal directions on a compass. In the center of each I inscribe the symbol representing that direction.
Next, where the triangles’s bases touches with the circle I place one of the enchanted candles, upright. I take white chalk and carefully connect the four candles, creating a perfect square through the inner circle. I know this has to be done perfectly or otherwise the circle will fail invoking and controlling the powers and my journey will be cut short, likely in an unpleasant way.
I finish the circle just in time as the sun sinks below the horizon. I place myself naked in a lotus position in the center of the circle and start to empty my mind, meditating to reach perfect calmness. My left hand touches the only thing I wear and will be able to bring with me to where I go. The pentagram pendant hanging from my neck, my power focus.
I feel ready, I open my eyes. Without looking I know the warlock and witch and the other acolytes around the circle are there strengthening my ritual. Opening myself to see the astral space around me I start to activate the circle.
“Spirits of the North, Powers of Earth, I call you to be present in my circle. Fertile soil, unyielding rock, brilliant sand and precious crystal. Send forth your power, make my circle strong and let it stand strong against all things that might come to cause me harm. Hail and welcome.”
A green flame springs from the northern candle’s wick and the rune in the triangle starts to glow with a soft green light. I concentrate on the light and forme it into a pentagram shimmering in the air above the triangle. The air starts to smell of freshly turned soil.
I turn my mind to the east.
“Spirits of the East, Powers of Fire, I call you to be present in my circle. Light of knowledge, hearth fire, heat of passion, spark of inspiration. Send forth your power, make my circle blaze with light to fight back the darkness that might come to cause me harm. Hail and welcome.”
The eastern candle now burns with red fire and the rune glows fiery red. I use the light to create a magic pentagram of red flames and a warmth soothes me before I turn my attention south.
“Spirits of the South, Powers of Air, I call you to be present in my circle. Gentle breeze, roaring gale, breath of life, wind of reason. Send forth your power, make my circle resilient and let it blow away the mist that obscures the truth. Hail and welcome.”
The southern candle ignites with a bright yellow flame making the rune glow and I will the rising smoke to form another pentagram.
Last I turn west.
“Spirits of the West, Powers of Water, I call you to be present in my circle. Gray twilight, ocean depths, swirling maelstrom, tides of change. Send forth your power, make my circle flow and change to protect me from harm. Let me drink of your knowledge and be engulfed in the knowledge I seek. Hail and welcome.”
“Earth, Fire, Air and Water, bind this circle. Watch over me and guide me on my journey to find the truth. I create a path between the worlds. Through a space beyond space and a time beyond time. I am standing on the border of the Otherworld, where the deepest paths are open on Samhain.”
I lay down on my back send my voice skyward towards the full moon.
“In the name of the great goddess, all-mother , Lady of the Moon, and the great god, all-father, Horned Lord of Death and Resurrection. Let my journey begin until I find what I seek. So be it.”
All pentacles of light flare and the circle now is encased by a dome of swirling colors. I relax, close my eyes and start to sink into a trance. I feel my spirit leaving my body, rising, I look down and see my own body, my mortal shell and the translucent silver cord still connecting me to it. “Time to begin my journey”, I think and by the pure force of my will I make the floor inside the circle crack. The cracks widen, spread inside the inner square, under my fleshly vessel. The floor inside the circle starts to crumble and fall into the darkness below. My body seemingly suspended in air I see the entrance to the black depths of the underworld forming. Knowing that this is where my journey is headed, I gather all my inner strength and dive down, into the abyss, at the speed of thought.


Beautiful story Ray, the images you invoke are powerful and ancient. Your ties with the world in your past will help accelerate the return of your memory. These dreams are part experience and part hopes. You may not find your friends right away but your friends may find you.

Back at the upper floors of the nightclub, there WAS someone watching you astrally…

The abyss (part 2)

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