Shadowrun - Tabula Rasa

The Disappearance of Boris Kitiaev

“You are a hard man to track down.” Mr. Johnson glanced around the modest hotel room that I now called home. “It was our asset that you and your unit saved in Siberia. We appreciate your discretion in the matter, and feel that you and the remainder of your team were done a huge disservice when you returned home. Courts-martial, and dishonorable discharges all around, coupled with the nondisclosure that accompanies such black ops. Unfortunately, by the time we had heard what happened, the three of you had scattered to the four winds. I don’t know how much news you get out here in Russia, but I wanted to let you know that before we could get to your lieutenant, George Briggs, he committed suicide, leaving a note that said simply: ‘I only did what I thought was right for my country.’”

I stood up and moved to the vanity. I had already heard this, but I didn’t want to let this man know just how much intel I had access to. Besides, anyone that knew about that… incident… and knew where I was was a potential threat. I thought I had gotten away clean. No trail. If this company man could find me, who else could? Keeping an eye on the man in the mirror, I unzipped my toiletry bag and pulled out a small bag of tissues. My holdout was now accessible, and I had a clean shot to the man’s heart.

“Why are you tracking us down?” I asked tonelessly.

“We want to offer you a job. And to make you disappear more completely than you can alone. The only paper trail you will have will lead to an empty grave. And we will offer you not only the ability to continue your work, but we will make you better at it. We will give you training in our own brand of mixed martial arts that will improve your ability to survive and win in combat. And we can offer you physical upgrades that will help you run faster, jump higher, and see better. We will make you a perfect killing machine. And we won’t question your methods so long as you complete your mission. All you have to do is leave your Russian friends and work for us. You were a damn fine soldier. It would be a shame to let that go to waste because some bureaucrats want to cover their asses. We could care less about maintaining PR with the meta community, especially over a bunch of extremists.”

I sighed silently. I liked Russia. The mafia here treated me well, and watching little Larissa really made life enjoyable. Ten years old, and incredibly precocious. If I ever have children of my own, I would hope for them to be as wonderful as her. But my enemies are relentless. It’s only been two years, but already I have been found. And whoever finds me next will probably not be on my side. And they won’t be content with just me. They’ll want everyone I care about. No, it’s better to leave and keep them safe. But it needs to be done properly.

I turned. “Very well. I will come with you. But I will need to go talk with someone before I do. Sever my ties here. Tell me where and when I should meet you when I am done.”


Oh how I love plot hooks, I hope I can live up to all you Runner’s expectations, keep it up for even more Karma (+2 karma)

The Disappearance of Boris Kitiaev

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