Aleksandr Eltsin

Slight, weighing 74kg and stands 1.88m. Black hair with flecks of grey and has pale blue eyes.


Alias: Wisp
Metatype: Elf

Russian N
English 4
German 4
Sperethial 2
Latin 1

Postitive Qualities:
Mystic Adept
Mentor Spirit (Moon Maiden; +2 Negotiation and Illusion Spells, -1 Combat Spells)
First Impression
Focused Concentration (1)
Astral Chameleon

Negative Qualities:
Combat Paralysis
Sensitive System

Novatech Airware Comlink with Novatech Navi OS (Response 3, Signal 3, Firewall 3, System 4)w/ Analyze, Browse, Edit, Encrypt software Rtg 4
Stun Baton (6sE), Defiance EX shocker (8sE), Lined Coat (6/4), Fake SIN rating 4, Fake License rating 4, Health, Detection, Illusion, Manipulation and Combat Fetishes, Force 2 Power Focus, Force 3 Sustaining Focus (Health), 80 darts (Defiance EX Shocker), 4 spare clips (Defiance EX Shocker), Nanopaste Trodes, Rtg 2 glasses w/ image link, Subvocal Mic, AR Gloves

1 Month Low

(2 points Adept Powers, 3 spellcasting)
Adept Powers:
Astral Perception (1pp)
Kinesics (.5pp)
Cool Resolve (.25pp)
Enhanced Perception (.25pp)

Increase Reflexes
Control Emotions
Area Thought Recognition
Mass Confusion
Mind Probe


Aleksandr Eltsin grew up as an orphaned child in the Moscow sprawl. His parents and older sister disappeared abruptly in an unexplained fashion while still in the crib. Knowing nothing of his biological family he was taken in by the Eastern Orthodox Church and raised as one of their wards. In his early teens his latent magical abilities awakened, and once those charged to care for him discovered it, this was brought to the attention of then Bishop Yuri Medvedev, an acolyte of the Orthodox Exarchs. Under his care Aleksandr began to control and hone his magical abilities following the strictures of Christian Theology. As he grew up and his powers began to mature; he did some work for that organization and has continued to cultivate a curiosity of the awakened world and to unravel his gift’s mystery. Communion with spirits was always frowned upon as such Aleksandr never had a desire to explore other planes… he seeks only mastery of the physical plane, though he can appreciate the clarity that glimpses into the astral world can provide.

As an adult he became independent from the church (on favorable terms), though he frequently contracts with them, researches with the Exarchs and maintains very close ties with his mentor Yuri. This was also about the time when St. Mary (Moon Maiden) began to appear in his prayers and dreams. St. Mary disapproves of violence and has encouraged a more outgoing and exploratory world view… and this has resonated deeply with Aleksandr. His desire to illuminate the unexplained is a constant motivation, and is often more valuable than the cred earned.

Aleksandr can best be described as moody. He is completely in his element at home alone reading the theurgic teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas or glad-handing and chatting up everyone in the room. He is a slight man weighing 74kg and stands 1.88m. He has black hair with flecks of grey and pale blue eyes. He comfortably slides into new social situations and has an uncanny ability to people those around him at ease, in fact if you didn’t know any better you might even call it magical.

Currently Yuri has contracted Aleksandr to investigate troubling rumors of what was once thought to be an extinct cult worshipping vampires in Kiev and has since picked up the trail at Abbott Laboratories…

Aleksandr Eltsin

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