The location of the former Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Prip’yat has been abandoned for decades. At one time in the late 1990’s and 2000’s it was a tourist attraction, but it has since fallen into disrepair. The government has shut the area down for visitations due to funding – supposedly.

Prip’yat has become the new home of a toxic shaman and his spirits. The background count in the astral area makes it almost impossible to project or even astrally perceive. It also immediately draws the attention of the shaman.

The abandoned buildings had all of their ground-level doors removed, but most of the original equipment and belongings are still present, covered under layers of thick dust. Lining the streets are parallel rows of crucifixes – each bearing the body of a past intruder. The Runners witnessed some of the shaman’s spirits placing new corp security corpses on these crosses.

The Runners encountered the shaman and his spirits only in passing. The shaman seemed to be more focused on the other intruders from the facility than on the party. Not to push their luck, the Runners quickly left while the shaman was otherwise distracted.


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