Borin Kaileng



B 3, A 5/7, R 4/6, S 5/7, C 2, I 5, L 1, W 4, E 2, Ess 4.04, M 2, Init 10/12, IP 1
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 10/10
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 11/6
Skills: Blades 5 (Swords +2), Dodge 2 (Melee Combat +2), Gymnastics 4, Infiltration 4, Perception 3, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Pistols 4 (Hold-Outs +2), Spellcasting 4 (Illusion Spells +2) Unarmed Combat 3
Knowledge Skills: American Sign Language 2, Chinese 4, English N, Russian 4, Chemistry 3, Physics 2 Security Protocols 4, Street Drugs 4
Qualities: Addiction (Moderate): Bliss, Arnis De Mano (2), Flashbacks (Common trigger): Cerberus (9dicepool (3)), Magician, Ninjitsu (2), Prejudiced (3): Metahumans (9dicepool)
Spells: Deflection, Detox, Improved Invisibility, Stealth
   Bone Lacing (Kevlar) with Implant Medics (1)
   Cybereyes (2) with Eye Recording Unit, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision
   Cybergun (Holdout Pistol) with External Clip Port , Silencer, Smartgun System, Internal, Sound Suppressor
   Reaction Enhancers (2)
   Muscle Augmentation (2)
   Muscle Toner (2)
   Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit
   Cybergun (Holdout Pistol) [Pistols, DV 4P vs. B, SS, RC 1, 6 ©] with External Clip Port, Silencer, Smartgun System, Internal, Sound Suppressor
   Attack of Will (vs. Spirits) [DV 1P vs. I]
   Katana [Blades, DV 7P vs. I-1, Reach 1]
   Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 3S vs. I]


Borin is struggling with feelings of powerlessness. Waking up in a tank… again. He can’t remember his past, but he knows he’s done that before. There were horrible feelings churning inside that he couldn’t understand as he escaped as quickly as possible. The painkillers help with the powerlessness, and so does the killing. Killing that security guard was calming, and the movement of the escape was a good channel of his energy. The times spent hiding in houses, however, was torture. The thought of more pigs for the slaughter, just on the other side of a door, was almost more than he could bear. But, for the sake of those with whom he escaped, he stayed hidden.

His dislike of spirits is intense. Borin can see them, but dealing with the astral plane is always a chore. And you can’t kill a spirit with your sword. Just boosts that feeling of powerlessness. When a whole elevator of enemies lands right in his lap like an early birthday present, the mage takes away all the fun with his stupid spirit. And he’ll have to see how pretty-boy elf does in Kiev. So far he’s been pretty useless, except for serving as dogbait. It may seem that Borin did that elf a kindness is alleviating the effects of the toxin, but he believes in fair chances. If he’s going to be given a fair shot at proving his worth, it should be when he is on top of his game, and not suffering from toxins. That way Borin will feel justified when he guts the elf. He doesn’t know why he detests the elf so much, but with everything else that’s going on right now, that’s about the least of his problems.

Borin Kaileng

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