Con-man, Thief, Grifter


Seamus (Human)
B 2, A 5, R 3, S 2, C 4, I 5, L 5, W 2, E 2, Ess 5.5, Init 8, IP 1
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 9/9
Hermes Ikon Commlink (Cyber) Condition Monitor: 10
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 2/2
Skills: Cracking Group 4, Demolitions 1, Disguise 5, Dodge 2, Electronics Group 3, Escape Artist 4, First Aid 1, Forgery 6, Influence Group 4, Pistols 1, Running 1, Stealth Group 4
Knowledge Skills: Art History 5, Chinese 4, English N, Foreign Accents 4, Japanese 4, Security Design 5, Security Procedures 4, Spanish 4
Qualities: Allergy, Uncommon (Severe): Bioware, Combat Paralysis, First Impression
   DC 4000 Datajack with Anti-Tamper Circuits (1), Biometric Reader: Voice Recognition, Firewall (1), Iris Orb Operating System, System (1)
   Hermes Ikon Commlink (Cyber) with Iris Orb Operating System
   Image Link
   Sound Link
   Analyze (4)
   Armor Vest
   Browse (4)
   Command (2)
   Doctor Disguise
   Edit (4)
   Exploit (4)
   Generic Tools
   Medkit (1)
   Pro User Suite
   Seamus with Street Lifestyle
   Security Badge
   Sniffer (1)
   Spoof (4)
   Ares Predator IV [Pistols, DV 5P vs. B-1, SA, 15 ©] with Smartgun System, Internal
   Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 1S vs. I]
   Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistol) x10 [DV – vs. B]


As of now, Seamus knows little of himself. After waking up in a vat of sticky goo he’s regained a little of his former knowledge.

He’s beginning to remember how to use computers to get what he wants. He has a compulsion to learn as much as he can about himself using the Deck he acquired. As he uses the deck more he is regaining knowledge of his old skills and things are starting to come back faster now.


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